Band History

James Ford: multi-instrumentalist:
Herculean Ceilidh Band on Stage 2002: Dave J  Ford music teacher on left
Herculean Ceilidh Band Hogmanay 2002 Cupar Corn Exchange with James on Sax
Flute: Flute lessons Edinburgh
James has played in various bands over many years. Playing:
Funkeilidh 2004....today. Versatile Ceilidh Band playing predominantly weddings Fiddle, Guitar, / Trumpet, drums
Flute, Whistle
Tenor / Soprano Sax
Floozy Soo 2001......today..a wee outfit to be seen now & again at 'Acoustic Edinburgh's' singer songwriter showcase at Medina, Lothian Street & Peebles EastGate Theatre Clarinet / Trumpet
Tenor / Soprano Sax

Dajo 2006.....today.... Wee Jazz Duo

Clarinet / Trumpet
Tenor / Soprano Sax

Soul Inferno - 2004- 2006 (Edinburgh / Fife Soul) Keyboards / Trumpet Guitar / Fiddle
Groove Tunnel 1991 - 93 (Edinburgh Funk) Alto Sax
Honey Pot ~ 2000 (original Edinburgh grunge) Bass
Luxury Fitted Kittens ~ 1999 (Fife covers) Bass
Blue Ice: (no not eyes!) ~1998 (Penicuik covers) Bass
The Ugly Groove Movement (Edinburgh 1998-2001) Trumpet
The Herculean Ceilidh Band (Fife) 1995 - 2004. 'Everything' (for 9 years)
Tusitala: James's first band back in 1991 (Edinburgh World music) Clarinet

Alto Sax
Stretched Guitar image: Guitar lessons Newburgh, Abernethy, Lindores
Sax scroll detail: Saxophone tuition,  Newburgh, Abernethy, Lindores
line of instruments: Music lessons Newburgh, Abernethy, Lindores
Long line of instruments: Music tuition ,  Newburgh, Abernethy, Lindores
Recordings include:  

'On Best Behaviour'
'Hard Luck Stories'
'First Album'
'Ultra Grooved'
????(under construction!)
See Heart See Muscle

Herculean Ceilidh Band
Super 8
The Ugly Groove Movement
Floozie Soo

Short line of instruments: Music lessons,  Newburgh, Abernethy, Lindores

Weavers Hall, Bank Close, Newburgh, Fife
KY14 6EG

email: james

mobile: 07970 744986
landline:01337 842434

Dave J Ford peering through  ice sculpture