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Try before you buy!! A great way to find out just what you or your child wants to play....  
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James has a positive armoury of instruments available. If you or your child would like a wee shot on a few to see what feels best, come around for an introductory lesson. All instruments can be demonstrated & you can compare the options before you have to go out & buy one!

Various instruments Introductory sessions are £40 for 1 hr

Reeds may be bought for Clarinet, Saxes & Oboe in the interests of hygiene (available).

Instruments available:


bass guitar   Bring a CD of your / your child's favorite music & we'll see if we can get you to play it - or play along with it on the day.

Saxophone (Soprano, Alto & Tenor)
Guitar (acoustic & electric)
Bass (five string fretted & fretless)

Treble Banjo   
Treble Banjo (strung like a mandolin but with 4 strings - this is a very unusual instrument but plays just like a mandolin)
Piano (upright)

(I reserve the right to demonstrate this only. It's not valuable but was my grandfathers & very dear to me)   Fiddle & Bow
Various instruments

Weavers Hall, Bank Close, Newburgh, Fife
KY14 6EG

email: james

mobile: 07970 744986
landline:01337 842434

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