Trumpet Exercises (& other brass)

Practice is best done standing up, but don't let that stop you practicing in any other situation.
Standing up in the bath is not recommended...
First steps Blow a raspberry into your instruments mouthpiece. Do anything & everything with your lips (embouchure) until you hear that wonderful clear crisp unwavering note!  
Struggling? If you can't get a note at all, try removing the mouthpiece altogether & blow your raspberry into that. In fact, it's a good thing to do to keep a mouthpiece by your bedside so you can practice little & often the art of blowing raspberries.....and it won't wake the neighbours.....  smoky trumpet
Long Notes: Good for control & exercising the diaphragm  
Moody looking Trumpet valves: Play a note - any note. Only take 3 or 4 deep breaths first, the first couple for the brain, the last for your trumpet.  
Moody looking upside down Trumpet; Trumpet tuition, Abernethy, Newburgh, Lindores

Blow nice & smoothly & listen carefully to your note. It must be smooth & constant both in pitch & volume. Try 'em soft... try 'em loud.

Arpeggios: Start off without pressing any valves (slide 'in' on Trombone). Blow your lowest note (lip muscles as slack as possible whilst creating a good note). Then try tightening the muscles incrementally until you hit the next note - which handily enough, will be the next in your arpeggio. Keep going until you hit your highest note.

Trumpet valves

Try your arpeggios tongued (stop the note each time by placing the tongue in the mouthpiece) & non-tongued (just tighten those lips). Aim always to get clean notes.

Press a valve (or move the slide) a bit - any valve, & start all over again!


Play a note - any note. Tongue the note so it stops & starts. Try this slowly - try it fast. Try with different notes...

Trumpet played in the bath Try your exercises in the bath! Click on the suds for more
Sing a note at random. Or get a note from another random source... perhaps your cat will oblige....Now try to find it on your trumpet.
  Trumpet not handy? You can still develop your diaphragm by deep deep breaths. Take a few & then hold them for as long as you can - but dinny fall over now... Do it at the bus stop!

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