Clarinet: Clarinet Teacher Edinburgh
Dave playing tenor Sax: Saxophone lessons, Newburgh, Fife
Mandolin: Music lessons, Newburgh, Fife
Soprano Sax: Saxophone lessons Edinburgh
5 string bass machine head: Bass lessons, Newburgh, FifeFlute: Flute lessons, Newburgh, Fife
Need a hand choosing the right instrument?
For between £20– £40 (depending how far away etc the instrument is) James will play your prospective instrument for you in a shop or private dwelling & give you his honest opinion. Dave's  Fiddle: Fiddle / Violin tuition by ear - , Newburgh, Fife
Dave playing Trumpet with FloozieSoo: Trumpet tuition,  Newburgh, Fife

"Ease of playing for me is the most important thing. If an instrument is easy to play you will gain from those important first few days & weeks when it’s difficult enough without having to battle with a badly set or faulty instrument."

Most of Dave's 'Armoury' of instruments: Music Lessons, Newburgh, Fife
"My personal experience with woodwind (including the Saxes) is that the top of the range instruments are often not set correctly & are difficult to play. I’m not sure why a manufacturer wouldn’t spend that little bit extra time in setting it correctly but I’ve more than once plumped for a much cheaper model – notably the Earlham range, which play beautifully."
Trombone: Trombone lessons, Newburgh, Fife
If you are new to the instrument, you may not be quite sure if it's the instrument or you that's being difficult - James can simplify the equation.
Fish eye type shot of acoustic guitar: Guitar lessons, Newburgh, FifeBanjo: Music lessons EdinburghKeyboard: Piano teacher EdinburghSoprano Sax: Sax lessons EdinburghDave playing Soprano Sax: Learn your Sax by Ear with Dave...
Soprano Sax: Saxaphone lessons, Newburgh, FifeBass: Bass lessons, Newburgh, Fife

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