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Keyboards: The Dots

This page will apparently contradict everything else in the site & explain how to read music...-
Before you come to your Keyboard lesson …
You’ll be off to a flying start if you can learn the names of the notes of the keyboard. There are only 12 which duplicate right up the keyboard. In fact there are only really 7 you need to learn – the white ones. A black key takes it’s name from either of it’s adjacent white keys. So the black key between A & B is called either A# (sharp) or Bb (flat).
However, it's almost never called A# & always referred to as Bb.

The following are the commonly used versions:
Ab, Bb, Eb, C# & F#

Next, learn the ‘stave’, or the names of the notes found on a particular line or space.

The piano uses two staves, one for each hand. The Treble clef for the right & the Bass clef for the left.

These are in fact just one continuous stave with an imaginary middle C line between them. Once you insert this line the stave becomes continuous with every space & every line being one of the white notes. If a black note is required eg Bb, a dot is placed on the B line / space, & a ‘b’ (flat) sign placed before it.


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