Newburgh Ear Academy

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Desert Island Discs – ever wanted to be on? now’s your chance.

Much of what the Academy does is tailor it’s teaching to it’s students tastes. That’s what makes you want to learn. Therefore, you should take seriously the task of choosing & bringing some recorded music to your class. If you don’t, you & your fellow students will suffer.

You may be the only one who bothers to take the time. The Academy will be grateful, & your fellow students will be grateful. I will be grateful... & you… well you get to listen to all your favourite music.


8 Gramophone records...

You can bring along 1 or 2 albums if you like but the best is if you can compile an album of your favourite songs – pieces – even in order of the disc you’d ‘run into your Desert Island sea’ to rescue from the waves, followed by your other 7 lifetime choices. & 8 ‘records’ is indeed about an ideal number. Chances are we won’t get through more than 3 of them. CD is best - MP3 OK, Cassette or Vinyl. Please warn me if it's Vinyl so I can arrange a player.


It’s a daunting task. Only 8 records! Simple & slow music is usually best to work from but don’t be put of including your favourites

Not Cooool?? - embarrased by your tastes...?

Don’t exclude unfashionable or overplayed choices. If ‘Dancing Queen' or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ does it for you, bring it along. Remember that this type of music is known by everyone because it’s unique & wonderfully crafted. You can learn lots by analysing it. The whole class will likely know it & so benefit from a head start.

Similarly don’t be put off choosing obscure stuff. What we want is a wide contrast.

Your music should ideally have clarity. Simple is best. Schoenburg & Thrash Metal do pose certain challenges as their progressions are so complicated or distorted.

James J Ford

All cooool.....

Michael Jackson
George Michael
Engelbert Humphydinck
Bing Crosby

do suggest more uncool artists!!



and don't forget:
Ally Bain

Jean Michel Jarre
TV Themes ... John Barry etc


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mobile: 07970 744986
landline:01337 842434

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