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Clarinet played in the Bath: Clarinet Lessons Newburgh, Fife

If you're chosen to learn the Trumpet or the Clarinet, you can benefit from a wonderful experience...if you like a good bath that is.

  Both instruments will suffer a bit from the bath treatment - but it's worth it , honest. OK dinny take a really expensive instrument into your bathroom (didn't stop me though) & if you're worried, dry it properly afterwards.
  The main thing to learning a instrument is practicing it.  
  The main thing to practicing is enjoying it.  

The main thing to enjoying it is finding a relaxing situation & listening to the music you love.



Get the Radox* out & the sounds cranked up! – if you can get stereo speakers in the bathroom GREAT! But beware of electrics & water, never have 240V power coming into the bathroom.

Trumpet played in the Bath: Trumpet Lessons  Newburgh, Fife

Even speaker cables have a small chance, in the event of equipment malfunction, of delivering a dangerous bolt of electricity – I’m reliably told. A bluetooth speaker is much safer

But seriously - use batteries to be really safe.

Set of Old Fashioned Bath Taps!: Music Clarinet played in the Bath: Music Tuition  Newburgh, Fife
Clarinet: Clarinet played in the Bath: Clarinet Lessons  Newburgh, Fife You'll be doing all the 'ear' stuff you usually do but in a great environment. Like singing, everything seems to sound better in the bathroom, so it'll give you confidence. Take a beer in with you for the total experience!  
  Husband & kids out? GREAT!…. this can be important. Loosing your inhibitions can be important in allowing you to concentrate solely on the music & loosen you up to playing things that at first may sound a little...well...odd. Once you've got used to the idea though your self-confidence will grow. trumpet: Clarinet played in the Bath: Trumpet Lessons  Newburgh, Fife
Sing first – you know it sounds great! Then try to play the lines you sang. Cycle a song or part of a song over & over so you get better each time.
  Why Clarinet& Trumpet? - Well I've tried all the others! They just don't work. The piano's particularly challenging. They're both straight .The Clarinet is nice & quiet & Trumpet played with a mute is OK too. Both can be had new for under £100 . Trumpets are waterproof! The lacquer may suffer a little but oil the valves & not too much can go wrong. For a Trumpet I'd pay a little more as the valves rust on cheapos.  
  You can help keep your Trumpet going much longer by keeping the valves well oiled - particularly afterwards, & drying it properly. A Clarinet benefits from the springs being kept oiled & the pads dried. Use a 'pad saver' - a fluffy stick you shove up the inside when you're finished.  
Trumpet: Trumpet Lessons  Newburgh, Fife


Don't have a bath??? Well get your self a plumber!


*do use Radox - there's no substitute...


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