Play along with your favorite music...
& Teach yourself an instrument...

what you need most of all is determination...talent comes 2nd

Playing your favourite instrument along with your favorite music is such good fun - & such a great way of learning how to play it, that one wonders why it’s such a secret.

Perhaps you started a musical instrument long ago but gave up...?
Electric Guitar: Guitar lessons: Newburgh, Fife

or maybe you just hate the thought of having to start by playing Mozart?

If you already have some playing & listening skills you may only need a few lessons before you are on the self-teaching road.

Train your ear:

Close up of Acoustic Guitar: Guitar lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire Bring only a CD or your MP3 player & your instrument
Learning to Listen:
  The key to success is to learn how to properly listen. Once you can identify the melody, the bass lines, the rhythm or the harmonies, you're half way to being able to reproduce them. Being able to sing a line you wish to play is one of the first steps. 5 string Bass machine head:  Bass lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
Links to tips on individual instruments are given on the lessons page However....
Many common threads run through learning any instrument - & learning to listen properly is the foundation to them all.
Into the bell of a Soprano Sax: Saxophone lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire treble banjo: music tuition: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire Trumpet: Trumpet lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire Clarinet: Clarinet lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
Nae dots'....
Sample of Sheet Music: Learn your instrument by ear
......free yourself......
Guitar: Guitar lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
Keyboard: Keys - lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
Many people give up an instrument because of the rigidity of written music. They often can't find the music for the things they'd like to play given the choice. They also stop listening. The more a musician relies on sheet music, the less they are able to play without it.
Musicians who play by ear train their ear, often subconsciously, to pick up things that make music flow from them.
Clarinet: Clarinet lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
Good Technique / Bad habits..
Flute close up: Flute lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire What is important with an instrument is to play it. Finding an enjoyable way to play it is as important as learning 'good technique'. It is possible that you may pick up bad habits by having too much fun, but it is also possible that playing scales & 'long notes' will bore you into giving up. Technique is important, but if you learn to listen, you will learn to pick up when you are not producing a good sound and correct it. Often this can be by trial & error. If you feel you are eager to try some traditional exercises visit the exercises page. Early Bath....
Soprano Sax Close up: Sax lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
The Cons: playing without reading...

There may be times in the future when you may find it beneficial to be able to read: joining a big band or orchestra for example.

However, taking the decision to free yourself of the shackles of the page can inject real passion in your pursuits. You're likely to play more...& learn faster.. & you can always learn to read later if you want to..

Soprano Sax looking rather like a rocket about to be launched: Sax tuition: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire
The Pros: playing without reading...
flute bathed in light: Flute lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire People who have found learning an instrument difficult & particularly those who have given up can find a 'new way'... a much easier way for many to enjoy playing their chosen instrument.

Play exactly what you want
Bongos with light shining throught the skins: music lessons: Newburgh, Fife & Perthshire It frees you up to play exactly what you want to play rather than what's on the sheet music available, or what your teacher thinks you should play.
Perhaps you suddenly have the urge to play a particular tune - perhaps a mutual favourite of someone you’re with. If you can only read music, you’ll have to take a trip to the shop. If you can sing the tune out on your instrument by ear, you can play it there & then.
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