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  For students learning a wind instrument for the first time a ‘5 second’ approach can work wonders.  
  This can take the frustration out of getting the embouchure right. The embouchure is an incredibly delicate thing for Reeds, Brass & Flute. It requires minute changes in position of the mouthpiece, the lips, the tongue, the teeth & a controlled stream of air.  
Digital clock displaying 5 seconds: Learn an instrument fast

Everyone’s anatomy is different & thus, so is the embouchure. It’s hard at a lesson to pin point quite what’s needing a tweak.

The best way to find the embouchure for you, is to just faff around with your lips & the mouthpiece. Try everything!. Learn by trial & error by adjusting the pressure on the mouthpiece, pressure of air. Don't be shy. Best tried on your own...

  By aiming as often as is possible within a day to play your instrument for just 5 seconds, you will become used to adopting the position you find best for your instrument instantaneously.  

Trying for too long can lead to frustration, so take your instrument (or just the mouthpiece) to work, leave it by your bed side, carry it in your handbag & play your 5 seconds as often as you can. Of-course, if you feel the urge to play longer, great! But don’t let that stop you from playing little & often. Start every morning by playing your 1st 5 seconds as you search the bedroom for a new pair of knickers.


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