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Dave is still learning the trombone well, still was in October 2011 anyway.

You will be learning with Dave in the most unorthodox way, listening closely, playing randomly - & methodically & by a process of elimination finding the positions & embouchures required to play what you need.

Perhaps your lesson is free then??!! - Sorry - no! £22/hr

In this way your trombone should become an extension of you with you instinctively finding the notes you need. We'll be playing rifs & ab-lib to your favourite music. You'll be encouraged to do the same at home.

trombone trombone trombone


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Exercises include:

Long notes: for diaphragm control & to increase lung capacity.

Arpeggios: to practice altering the embouchure accurately & push your range.

Scales: to sit oneself in the key required for a piece.

Finding notes played to you by Dave & those of your favourite songs.

Finding the key to your music, though the name of that key may be largely irrelevant... ...

Tonguing: Important for crisp control

Dave learned the Trumpet in the same way around 15 years ago.


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Dave J Ford peering through  ice sculpture
Dave with trombone